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                    Six series of our products

                    • Baby Toys
                      Baby Toys

                      Smile Kiss . Baby toys refer to toys designed for the infants aged 1 or below. This kind of toys is mainly designed to help the babies understand the environment, train the ability of touching, seeing and listening. It can also promote intellectual development of the babies

                    • Educational Toys
                      Educational Toys

                      Fun2Learn. Educational toys refer to entertainment toys which are for the purpose of education. This kind of toys is designed to attract children to learn. Meanwhile, it can really exercise the children's physical, mental and all other aspect ability.

                    • Rc Toys
                      Rc Toys

                      Drive My World. RC toys are toys that can be controlled from a distance using a specialized transmitter or remote. The term "R/C" has been used to mean both "remote controlled" and "radio controlled". RC toys are a great intro to the hobby, and are cheap platform for modifications and tuning even for older enthusiasts.

                    • Pretend Play Toys
                      Pretend Play Toys

                      First Touch. Kid's toys refer to toys specially designed for the boys and girls. This kind of products are featured to be suitable for the boy's hobbies and girl's hobbies .Boys may more prefer to model, mechanical or electric toys, like toys gun, military play set and vehicle toys. Girls may more prefer to beads,kitchen toys,doll toys and so on.

                    • Outdoor Toys
                      Outdoor Toys

                      Play sunshine. Outdoor toys refer to toys designed for outdoor play. Children mostly carry out outdoor activities in droves. So it can improve the children's awareness of cooperation.  When playing with the toys, the children can also be close to the nature and breathe fresh air.

                    • Sport Toys
                      Sport Toys

                      Next Sport Runs. Sport toys refer to toys designed for children to do more sports exercise. This kind of toys can let the children enjoy the physical fitness. During the fitness, children's health is getting to be improved.

                    Our hot products


                    HOBBY LOBBY

                    About Us

                    About Us
                    banatoys –1st growing toys brands

                    BanaToys –1st Growing Toys BrandS Guided by the service values of Share&Grow, Happy Team Work, Innovating, Profession, BanaToys has been devoted itself to be your brand partner, and offer you I+ C.T.B.S. Solution. BanaToys provides one I+ School Share&Grow Solution, six I+ Brands Innovating Toys Solution, five I+ Teams Professional Solution, three I+ Channels Marketing Solution, eight I+ Services SCM Solution. BanaToys was established in 25th June, 2005. BanaToys focuses on services at six series toys lines for customers, teams and suppliers. By year 2018, BanaToys has 12 years’ service experiences,especially on European and American markets, and has become Top1 plastic toys supplier in Alibaba for 4years. BanaToys focuses on customer’s service and customer’s value. By year 2017, BanaToys has provided services for more than 30,000 customers and had over 500 VIP customers, including large importers and supermarkets like Walmart, Toysrus, Kmart, Hobbylobby, Magnit, Auchan, Rt-mart, Mothercare, Home Bargains, G.I.F.I., Smyths, Edco and J.J.A.  The global market proportion 2017 as below: Europe 48.32%, North America 7.87%, South America 23.94%, Oceania 4.6%, Asia 13.99%, Africa 1.28%. BanaToys dedicates to build professional service teams,and has setup 5 careers planning for our teams. Until 2018, BanaToys has 14 marketing teams, 10 sales teams to provide individual solutions and service for customers and manufacturers. BanaToys concentrates on toy supply chain management. Until 2017, BanaToys builds a mature management system for the toy manufacturers, with over 1500 toy manufacturers under our strict selection and provide over 10,000 toy items for customers.  BanaToys delicates in integrating various kinds of toys, with six different categories brands including Smile Kiss brand -baby series, First Touch brand -boy&girl series, Fun2Learn brand -learning and education series, Next Sport Run brand-sport series, Play sunshine brand -outdoor play series and Drive My World series-RC series. Till 2017, BanaToys has owned 32 toys brands. BanaToys makes efforts to support cross-board trade model upgrade in Shantou.  Until 2017, BanaToys shares their courses on e-trade and global-trade over 100 times and 50,000 peoples in China. At Sep. 2017, BanaToys has setup the ELSP base with Shantou Foreign Trade Technical School; focus on training the student to learn how to do cross-border trade on line and practice. In this way, BanaToys supports the student to have more opportunity to get a job, and also supports and helps the trading company to build their new trading team. BanaToys always shares family smiles. BanaToys has hold 6 Bana culture activities, Chinese New Year Festival, Lantern Festival,61 Children Growing Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival,910 Bana Teacher’s Day,1119 Bana Dreaming Day.  Besides, BanaToys has 9 special Family-Love Day: 38 Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Double Ninth Day, Thanks Giving Day, 1111 Man’s Day, Winter Solstice Festival and Birthday for our staffs. BanaToys shares not only our staffs but also all the family member together. BanaToys looks forward to dedicate on services with our customers, teams, suppliers and more. And BanaToys shares growing with every child and parent all over the world, providing the best accompany with kids by toys. BanaToys is always sharing growing smiles.

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                    Latest news

                    • Win at Mid-Autumn Festival!

                      Autumn is a romantic season with suitable temperature and flower fragrance. People feel that everything is getting beautiful. At this time of the year, people will express their most sincere wishes and wishes. All quietly said the moon, this is the Mid-Autumn Festival. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the BanaToys staff who will enjoy playing will certainly not miss the opportunity. This Mid-Autumn Festival, we are coming to do things again! Pop cake event, let you have fun and have gifts! There is also a chance to gain the big luck! Win a elegant gift! Are you ready? Let's go! Pop cake event, let you have fun and have gifts! There is also a chance to gain the big luck! Win a elegant gift! Pop cake event is a long-standing custom of Mid-Autumn Festival in Xiamen. Everyone wants to bet on the luck of the all year to win a grand prize at this moment every year. Everyone is happy to get together,scream and cheer for the six dices. The time together is always the happiest, and the intense activity has completely ignited the enthusiasm of everyone. Everyone is full of rewards! Mid-Autumn Festival, the reunion of the full moon. Hope that every good luck in the game will bring you more joy and luck! Here, BanaToys staff sends the most sincere blessing: Wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and happiness! Guangdong BanaToys Co.,Limited Website: www.kanj.icu

                      2018-10-05 Read More
                    • Buy more! Save more!

                      Super September is coming! Better deals, just in time. Now we have the main products on promotion. Free shipping 2 pcs Carnotaurus Velociraptor dinosaur hand puppet for kids * It shows the details of shape, texture, mouth tension, playability, recovery and so on. * 100% Hand made (use the bright color, wash water, paint, hand-painte...handcraft) * Indeformable, because if the puppet be squeezed, don't worry. Put it in boiling water,    dry environment, or put it in the sunshine (10-15 minutes), also can use the hair dryer to make it recovery. * Eco-friendly rubber material. * 2 pcs of puppet, can play with friends, parents can play with kids. All of the dinosaur hand puppet support amazon/ebay/wish online store to sale, We are their important suppliers. We also can offer the awesome pictures and video for you to show. Support for delivery on that day. By the way, we also have many kinds of free shipping toys in stock on promotion, including baby toy, educational toy, rc toy.. More informations pls kindly check the following picture:

                      2018-09-25 Read More
                    • BANA Happy Father's Day & Dragon Boat Festival

                      BANA Happy Father's Day & Dragon Boat Festival When Father's Day meets the Dragon Boat Festival, Are you trying to give your father the best love in the world? Banatoys prepared a gift for the Father's Day ---- Cup And the Dragon Boat Festival gift ---- zongzi Three of the most widespread activities conducted during the Duanwu Festival are eating zongzi, drinking realgar wine, and racing dragon boats.

                      2018-07-09 Read More

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